Operating instructions Titan Gel

How to apply Titan Gel

User Manual Titan Gel

Gel Titan Gel does not require special skills in drawing, so maybe for his own consumption. Because the product is included in a group of drugs, it is necessary to follow the instructions.

Before be sure to thoroughly wash the penis cleaning substances to the body (soap, shower gel).

Lubricate the erect organ should be about half an hour before sexual intercourse, and rubbed from the top down. It is a ring between thumb and forefinger. Then you need to wait full vpityvanija. After the procedure, there should be a small, pleasant tingling feeling. This means that the composition begins to work. If you miss one session of 1-3 months, when the effect can be fixed.

Indications for use gel Titan Gel

Men who want to changes in the personal sphere, it is recommended to buy Titan Gel for regular use. It is possible to achieve significant results:

  1. Increase the size of the penis when a small genital — the reason the complexes, depression;
  2. Increase the power, maintains the erect condition of the penis;
  3. Significantly prolong the time of sexual intercourse, enhancing sensation.
  4. Increase self-esteem;
  5. Get rid of the stress caused by failures in bed.

Only, when you use Titan Gel

It included in the composition of the drug only natural ingredients makes the likelihood of allergic reactions and other side effects practically impossible. Because the application is intended for sensitive skin of intimate areas, is of great importance. However, in some cases, the product is not recommended to use:

  1. Individual intolerance of the drug components;
  2. Congenital anatomical abnormalities, with the presence of the stretching and swelling of tissues of the genital organs with drugs, Supplements can cause pain;
  3. Existing skin damage to the penis. Lubrication of any part can cause irreparable damage.
Applying should bring only pleasant emotions, when experiencing discomfort or pain, you should immediately stop the use of funds.

Side effects and overdose

Gel Titan Gel it is almost 100% natural ingredients, so side effects are caused only by individual intolerance of components. If they occur, are short-term – up to 2 hours. At deterioration it is necessary to consult a doctor. Symptoms of overdose similar side effects and are expressed:

  • allergic reactions like skin rash, itching, burning;
  • swelling of the mucous membranes of the penis;
  • excessive sensitivity to the body;
  • unpleasant sensations during sex.